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I just found this meme so why not?

250px-133Eevee by cmoontoon

[X] You can easily adapt to any changes that may come your way
[ ] You have been underestimated bc of your size
[ ] You are the shortest member of your family and/or group of friends
[X] You are, or have been called, naive/childish
[X] You prefer living in the city or suburban neighborhoods over country or rural towns w lots of land but less people
[X] People have told you "you have a lot of potential"
[X] You are more of a tomboy/masculine type of person  
[X] You make friends easily, and enjoy being around people
[ ] You get called "cute" more than any other compliment
[X] You have been called: different/unstable/irregular/strange

250px-134Vaporeon by cmoontoon

[ ] You are an excellent swimmer
[/] You love mermaids and mermaid aesthetic
[X] You are not shy, but you are quite independent and prefer being on your own (or maybe w one or two people you are very close with)
[X] You enjoy rainy weather more than any other kind
[X] If you could, you would live by the ocean in a heart beat. Preferably without neighbors. 
[X] You enjoy the quiet.
[X] You are an excellent friend, and enjoy making friends w people who are very similar AND very different from you
[ ] You drink plenty of water and encourage everyone to do the same!
[ ] You are great at most sports, maybe not the best, but you are definitely very good and athletic
[X] You prefer cool colors (green, blue, purple) rather than warm colors (red, orange, yellow)

TOTAL: 6.5

250px-135Jolteon by cmoontoon

[X] You do not want anyone to touch you without your given consent
[ ] You are extremely athletic and good at pretty much every sport you try. a very fast runner, swimmer, a high jumper etc pretty much anything physical you excel!!
[X] You have a habit of keeping things in and then lashing out, rather then letting someone know immediately that they bothered you
[X] You are an extremely sensitive and emotional person who takes many things personally
[ ] If someone does not know you well, they usually assume that you are a rude/salty/mean type of person 
[ ] You do not feel the need to be very nice to people who are not already your friends
[X] Usually you only make friends when someone else approaches you first (you rarely reach out to someone else first)
[X] It does not take much for you to become stressed or overwhelmed
[X] You are very passionate about your interests or beliefs but prefer not to talk about them for fear of being judged for them
[ ] You are very shy

250px-136Flareon by cmoontoon

[X] People say you look just like your baby/childhood pictures and havent changed a bit in all these years (even if in your opinion youve changed a lot!)
[ ] You are chubby and/or the chubbiest in your family or group of friends
[X] You love sunshine!! you prefer to go out during a bright, sunny day rather than a dark, moonlit night
[X] You love physical expressions of love: kisses, hugs, hand holding etc
[X] You make friends easily and go out of your way to make sure all of your friends are as happy as you are ^u^
[X] You are not good at sports at all and no one (including yourself) would ever describe you as athletic or even "in shape"
[X] You do not like arguments or any form of confrontation, when it comes down to it you can def defend yourself, but avoidance is your greatest weapon
[ ] People consider you to be a comfortable person to be around and most everyone enjoys your company (idk to be honest)
[ ] You are usually one of the shortest people in a group, but definitely not the shortest one
[ ] You can not swim


250px-196Espeon by cmoontoon

[X] You treasure your friends and treat them like family (some times even closer than family)
[X] You love mythology and cryptozoolgy and enjoy any kind of mystical/magical lore and/or creatures
[X] You are early to bed, and early to rise, a total morning person
[ ] You are thin and usually the thinnest in your group of friends and/or family
[X] You use your instincts/guts/intuition/emotions/feelings/vibes to make a split decision more often than using logic or a thought out plan
[X] People have told you you are good looking/attractive
[ ] You consider yourself good looking/attractive
[ ] You enjoy checking your horoscope, and also checking the ones of your friends even if they didnt ask you to
[X] You do not find sports or strenuous activity fun in the least, you would much prefer to just chill out w your friends, sitting and talking
[ ] You love fortune telling aesthetic; crystal balls, tarot cards, constellations etc


250px-197Umbreon by cmoontoon
[X] You treasure your friends more than anything else; more than yourself, more than your family etc
[X] You a total night owl; much more active at night and sleeping in most days
[X] You would much prefer to go out on a cool, moonlit night w your friends, rather than a bright, sunny day
[X] You have been called scary or intimidating
[X] You scare easily so you actively avoid jumpscare videos and horror movies (all the time)
[X] You are quiet in nature, not often starting a conversation but waiting to be spoken to first
[X] When you are angry it is easy for you to remain eloquent; rarely tripping over your words when making an argumentative point
[ ] You are very intelligent and clever; you are someone who uses logic to solve pretty much every troublesome situation; your friends often rely on your smarts
[X] You enjoy puzzle and word games
[ ] You are fascinated by egyptian mythology


250px-470Leafeon by cmoontoon

[X] When playing Undertale, you always choose the pacifist route and NEVER the genocide or even neutral (who would ever do genocide???)
[X] You avoid confrontation and drama at all costs, you are a peaceful person and you enjoy surrounding yourself w peaceful people and things
[X] You much prefer the quiet, country life to that of the loud city
[X] You adore the sunshine, and try to go out whenever the day is sunny and bright
[ ] Someone has complimented your smell/said you smell nice
[X] You are a very peaceful person to be around and most people like to be around you when they feel stressed
[X] You make it a point to be kind to all people, animals and things
[X] You can not stand smokers and while you will not say anything to them, you will move as far away from them as possible
[X] You love going for quiet walks in nature, preferably by yourself
[X] A rainy day is a good day to play outside

250px-471Glaceon by cmoontoon
[X] You have excellent control over you emotions; rarely ever acting out in a rash, emotional, or foolish way
[ ] You enjoy a challenge and will actively participate in activities that are incredibly difficult in the hope of bettering yourself/making yourself stronger
[ ] You enjoy your own company usually more than the company of others
[X] You enjoy blending in w the crowd, and not being noticed
[X] Youre fine w extremely harsh weather. When everyone is complaining that it is too cold or too hot, you are usually just fine and comfortable.
[ ] You are extremely adaptable to all sorts of situations.
[ ] It takes a lot to make you stressed. You are an extremely mellow/level headed person
[ ] If someone has hurt you, you will never forgive them. There is no second chance. You will completely cut them from your life.
[ ] You are always open to trying new things, even crazy or dangerous new things (like eating bug delicacies or base jumping)
[X] You are picky with your relationships. it may take you a while to trust someone, but when you do you are a friend for life.


250px-700Sylveon by cmoontoon
[X] You LOVELOVELOVE everyone you are close to and treasure them all very dearly!! friends, family, pets, etc
[X] You enjoy holding hands w everyone you love
[X] You have been called a wonderful and encouraging friend
[ ] You are called "cute" more than any other compliment
[X] You are often underestimated bc of your looks
[ ] You use people's assumptions of you to your advantage
[ ] You have used your looks to get what you want
[X] Making friends is very easy for you
[ ] You LOVE being around people whether they are strangers or friends; you are never shy
[X] You are a very talented actor/actress (if you lie, most people will believe it)

Total: 6

RESULTS: I'm a Leafeon!!  (probably gonna make a Leafeon pokesona now ;w; )


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